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APOLO MAIN ROOM: CRAPPY TUESDAYS (LEGOTEQUE & DECKART) Due to the huge amount of national international people at Barcelona’s monday nights, one fine day, Nasty Mondays were in the need of going further and present their little brother, Crappy Tuesdays. An alternative offer for tuesdays more Indie and Electro Pop than mondays but with the [...]

Nasty Mondays started in the year 2005 in Barcelona, by Max and Soren - local celebrities, mad minds, blonde lovers and tattoo addicts! With their fable to indie and electro rock, they started with a party series that did not exist like that in Barcelona before. Constantly reinventing themselves, with new themes, bands playing live, different locations and becoming crazier each time, they have managed to establish their base within Barcelona, and have toured in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Holland or the United States.

Nasty Mondays Barcelona has positioned itself as a benchmark in the music scene and socio-cultural Catalan capital. An artistic movement that has laid the foundations for a new concept of leisure, music, design, photography, film, extreme sports, creativity, fashion and trends.